Scala News - May 24, 2024

A curated list of Scala related news from the community.


Article Author
Besom and Smithy4s on AWS - Scala 3 good vibes only Anton Sviridov
sbt 1.10.0 Eugene Yokota
sbt 1.10.0-RC2 Eugene Yokota
sbt 2.x remote cache with Bazel compatibility Eugene Yokota
WebSockets in Scala, Part 2: Integrating Redis and PostgreSQL Daniel Ciocîrlan
The Skunk Scala Library for Database Interaction: A Comprehensive Guide Daniel Ciocîrlan
Functional Parallel Programming in the wild Daniel Ciocîrlan
Streamlining Scala Development with Nix and Scala-cli Esteban Marin
Announcing Business4s: a new value proposition for Scala Voytek Pituła
DataFrames and Datasets: The Building Blocks of Big Data in Apache Spark Raj Tiwari
Apache Spark on Scala basic example Ryan Lindbeck
It is good to have an Option Gábor Manner
Lean Scala using Scala 3 Shruti Bhambhani
Tuning ZIO for high performance Pierre Ricadat
Supporting high-performance response streaming in Shardcake Pierre Ricadat
IO effect tracking using Ox SoftwareMill
Introduction to OtterJet SoftwareMill
Integrating callbacks with structured concurrency in Scala SoftwareMill
Safe direct-style Scala: Ox 0.1.0 released SoftwareMill
Discover the highlights: Scalar Conference 2024 SoftwareMill
Jacek Kunicki - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Benchmarking Tapir: Part 3 (Loom) SoftwareMill
Krzysztof Ciesielski - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Data Engineering at Netflix using Apache Spark and Flink with Joan Goyeau Julien Truffaut
Music DSL in Scala.js with Paul Matthews Julien Truffaut
Simple Scala with Li-Haoyi Julien Truffaut
Learning Smithy4s - a new series Jakub Kozłowski
Improved Reuse in Smithy with Mixins Jakub Kozłowski
Explore your Smithy models with the CLI Jakub Kozłowski
htmx, ScalaTags and ZIO HTTP - Single-Page Web Applications in Scala Daniel Ciocîrlan
10 flavors of Scala's future - Scalar 2024 recap Jakub Kozłowski