Scala News - January 29, 2024

A curated list of Scala related news from the community.


Article Author
sbt website update 2024 Eugene Yokota
Scala's Future Alexandru Nedelcu
Update NextDNS with a Scala CLI script Alexandru Nedelcu
ScalaSql: a New SQL Database Query Library for the com-lihaoyi Scala Ecosystem Haoyi Li
How to Write a Full-Stack Scala 3 Application with the Typelevel Stack Daniel Ciocîrlan
Spark Essentials: A Guide to Setting up and Running Spark projects with Scala and sbt Suffyan Asad
Working with Different Types of Data in spar Pinjari Akbar
Protecting Your Files: Setting Up BitLocker Encryption on Windows 11 Pro Jack Nothan
Oozie vs Airflow? Apple to Orange comparison or both are the same? Sukumaar Mane
How I used Scala CLI to delete annoying unread emails from my gmail inbox Rahul Bhatia
Unlocking Spark’s Hidden Power: The Secret Weapon of Caching Revealed in a Tale of Bug Hunting and… Ahmet Yavuz Demir
Software for the Jumbo Telescope Parag Mahajani
Reference Architecture: A roadmap to efficiency and scalability Sebastian Synowiec
GraphQL in Scala: Handling side effects Pierre Ricadat
GraphQL in Scala: Advanced Schema Generation Pierre Ricadat
Every Argument for Static Typing Applies to Typed Errors Lachlan O'Dea
Using a C library from Scala Native Lachlan O'Dea
Vladyslav Pekker - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Jakub Kozłowski - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
LLM for tapir - Chatbot for OSS SoftwareMill
Go-like selects using jox channels in Java SoftwareMill