Scala News - March 16, 2024

A curated list of Scala related news from the community.


Article Author
New Code of Conduct typelevel
GitHub Seats valencik
Typelevel Summer of Code 2024 armanbilge
Optimizing Functional Walks of File Trees Michael Pilquist
Jar Jar Abrams 1.14.0 and sbt-assembly 2.2.0 Eugene Yokota
tree-sitter-scala 0.21.0 Eugene Yokota
sbt-projectmatrix 0.10.0 Eugene Yokota
the holy graal of GitHub Actions Eugene Yokota
sbt 1.9.9 Eugene Yokota
Flavors of shared state in Cats Effect Jakub Kozłowski
WebSockets in Http4s Daniel Ciocîrlan
Version number ordering: unifying specs and practice Ross Baker
Improving my Distributed System with Scala 3: Consistency Guarantees & Background Tasks (Part 2) Chistian Hollinger
Leveraging sbt remote caching on a big modular monolith Sébastien Boulet
Monica McGuigan - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Handling errors in direct-style Scala SoftwareMill
Zainab Ali - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Benchmarking Tapir: Part 2 SoftwareMill
Gabriel Volpe - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
What to do with your End Of Life Akka? SoftwareMill
Tomas Mikula - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Benchmarking Tapir: Part 1 SoftwareMill
Paweł Marks - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
"Essential Effects" is now updated to use Cats Effect 3! Adam Rosien
Decoding the stack frames in the debugger (Scala 3 only) Adrien Piquerez