Scala News - January 2, 2024

A curated list of Scala related news from the community.


Article Author
Functional Programming in Scala in 2023 Michael Pilquist
An intro to Flow Fields in Scala Chris Kipp
Lately - 03 Chris Kipp
Scala Native and Swift: building Twotm8 MacOS app Anton Sviridov
Eval 0.3.0 Eugene Yokota
Helix and Scala Eugene Yokota
Jar Jar Abrams 1.13.0 and sbt-assembly 2.1.4 Eugene Yokota
ifdef in Scala via pre-typer processing Eugene Yokota
ifdef macro in Scala Eugene Yokota
Jar Jar Abrams 1.9.0 and sbt-assembly 2.1.3 Eugene Yokota
sbt 1.9.6 Eugene Yokota
sbt 1.9.5 Eugene Yokota
tree-sitter-scala 0.20.2 Eugene Yokota
automate refactoring with Bazel + Scalafix Eugene Yokota
sbt 1.9.1 Eugene Yokota
tree-sitter-scala 0.20.1 Eugene Yokota
tree-sitter-scala 0.20.0 Eugene Yokota
December Adventure update, thoughts on Rust Alexandru Nedelcu
December Adventure: Learning Rust Alexandru Nedelcu
In Scala 3, use 4 Spaces for Indentation Alexandru Nedelcu
OOP classes vs Higher-order Functions (HOFs) Alexandru Nedelcu
Java Volatiles Alexandru Nedelcu
Scala 3 Significant Indentation Woes: Sample Alexandru Nedelcu
Scala 3 Enums Alexandru Nedelcu
Effective Test Parameterization with ScalaTest Tables Yadukrishnan
Scala Made Simple for Beginners: A Gentle Introduction to Kickstarting Your Scala Learning Yadukrishnan
Diving into ZIO Test 'Aspects': Streamlining Cross-Cutting Concerns in Testing Yadukrishnan
Mastering ScalaTest - Exploring Tagging, Retry, Runner and More Yadukrishnan
Type safety with Iron Michał Pawlik
Introduction to optics in Scala Michał Pawlik
Intermediate's guide to derivations in Scala: Magnolia Michał Pawlik
So, What's So Special About The Mill Scala Build Tool? Haoyi Li
com.lihaoyi Scala: Executable Pseudocode that's Easy, Boring, and Fast Haoyi Li
A guide to UDP in Scala with FS2 Daniel Ciocîrlan
Practical Type-Level Programming in Scala 3 Daniel Ciocîrlan
A Functional Load Balancer with Scala, Http4s and Cats Effect Daniel Ciocîrlan
gRPC in Scala with Fs2 and Scalapb Daniel Ciocîrlan
Scala as a Junior Developer Daniel Ciocîrlan
REST APIs Using Play Framework and Scala: A Comprehensive Guide Daniel Ciocîrlan
OAuth Authentication in Scala with Http4s Daniel Ciocîrlan
Two-Factor Authentication in Scala with Http4s Daniel Ciocîrlan
Integration testing the Typelevel toolkit Antonio Gelameris
Writing a GitHub Action with Scala.js Antonio Gelameris
Crafting Concise Constructors with Opaque Types in Scala 3 Xebia
Recapping Scala Days 2023 in Madrid Jason McClellan
Notes on Writing a Scala 3 Compiler Plugin Grigorios Athanasiadis Modern AI for Scala and Kotlin Alejandro Serrano Mena
Special LLM and AI Meetup Added to Scala Days Jason McClellan
Temporal Testing with Karat + Turbine Alejandro Serrano Mena
Scala and Kotlin Under One Roof Alejandro Serrano Mena
Why you should join us at Scala Days Seattle Allyson Alexandrou
Building a functional, effectful Distributed System from scratch in Scala 3, just to avoid Leetcode (Part 1) Chistian Hollinger
Iron updates: turning opaque types into value objects Anton Kovalevsky
fs2-kafka: hard choices, Pipes and Weaver tests Anton Kovalevsky
Running Cats Effect on Virtual Threads of JDK21 Tim Evdokimov
Scalaを少しだけ使いやすくするAirframe: Updates 2023 Taro L. Saito
What happens during launch of Scala app? Stan Makov
Scala Environment Cheetsheat Stan Makov
How to create your first Scala 3 app Stan Makov
Functional Pills #14 — Future vs Monix Task Davide Falcone
Rust For Scala Developers: Concurrency Paul Folbrecht
Seamless Integration: Step-by-Step Installation of Scala 3 on RHEL 9 Using Terminal Jack Nothan
What does data transformation enable data analysts to accomplish? Sebastian Synowiec
How to set up a Bazel testing configuration: The comprehensive guide for Scala and Java Sebastian Synowiec
How to mine Scala 3 compiler metadata using TASTy files Sebastian Synowiec
Large Language Models: How to use open source alternatives to ChatGPT for Scala documentation Sebastian Synowiec
Enablers and Catalysts in Lightning Network Jendrik Poloczek