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Hi Everyone and Welcome to Scala's latest resource to keep up with the news of what's happening around the Scala community.

Why Did I create this

There where multiple reasons, some of which where as follows:

Will this site be successful?

How do I add my Blog to the Blog Directory?

See README for details.

Just add your blog to our blog directory. All editions of Scala News are autogenerated using the RSS feeds of all bloggers listed in our directory.

Any link related to Scala programming that helps you learn and stay in touch, link to release notes for new version of packages and links to upcoming Scala related events.

Its hard work writing a book, so I am happy to include links to Scala related books by their authors and any discount they want offer our readers.

I won't be including any links that are directly or indirectly promoting a company and/or a service. This includes but is not limited to paid training and workshops.

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