Scala News - February 16, 2024

A curated list of Scala related news from the community.


Article Author
Simple anti-toddler game with Scala Native and Raylib Anton Sviridov
Better Shell Scripting with Scala-CLI Dave Smith
Modular Programming in Scala with the Cake Pattern Remis Haroon
Comparing Kotlin, Go (Golang), Rust, Scala, and Perl Programming Languages Allen Glines
The Algebra of Pretty Printing Nimalan
Data Engineering: Getting Started with Delta Lake Krishna Prasad
Destructuring Assignment- Kotlin vs Scala Beatrice Kinya
Debugging session #1: zio-logging & quill Pierre Ricadat
scala-uv v0.0.2 Lachlan O'Dea
19 Best Tech Conferences in Europe in 2024 SoftwareMill
Solve the Scalaversary coding challenge and secure your Scalar ticket! SoftwareMill
Alexandru Nedelcu - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Michał Matłoka - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Maciej Gorywoda - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Adam Warski - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Nicolas Rinaudo - My Scala Story SoftwareMill
Scala and logical monad programming. Ruslan Shevchenko